Wednesday, July 7, 2010

well today is Monday July 5, 2010 I am back from my vacation. I wish I wasn't though Alaska is the most beautiful place in the world. I can not wait to go back. I saw things there that I will never see anywhere else. Like seals resting on icebergs, bald eagles nesting with their babies and the most exciting thing of all I saw a pod of whales playing. I never would have thought that there would still be snow on the ground at the end of June but there was. it was everywhere. I was still feeling a lot of stress though because I kept thinking about school and how far I was falling behind. Now that I'm back I was right in feeling that way. I can't seem to get caught up and I am losing points on all of my work. I guess it doesn't pay to try and have a little fun once in a while.

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  1. Joanne - going to school in the summer can be a challenge! The trip sounds amazing!